Friday, October 3, 2008

belated t3

yesterday was not a great day and i forgot about t3, sorry. so i'm making up for it now. i am thankful:

1. that my husband is coming home tonight! i miss him. it's been like a mini-vacation with him gone, except that i prefer to share my vacations with him. what that means is that while i enjoy the peace and quiet and freedom from cooking that him being gone affords me, i'd much rather not have those things and have him around. also, it's lonely waking up without him.

2. that i feel better today. morning sickness has not been too bad, mostly just a sour stomach in the morning. i just have to be careful about what and when i eat. yesterday was bad, though. today was mucho better.

3. netflix movies. i heart netflix, and i got to watch a lot of movies while brian was gone. sappy crap and chick stuff that normally he would good-naturedly give me a hard time about. no flak this time. and the movies just keep coming! i heart netflix.

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