Wednesday, October 22, 2008

because i can't go barefoot to work

oh heck yeah. bauble ballet flats from old navy for only $15. the only crappy thing about them is they also had them in this awesome grape color but not in my size, grrr, and when i went online to see if the grape was still in stock in my size (it was not), i also discovered that online they were only $9.99. double grrr.

this of course came about because i decided to get some maternity clothes, and of course pregnant girls are supposed to wear flats. i think it's more for when you're huge and top-heavy and off-balance, but there's no shame in practicing now, right? and at least i'm prepared.


Kelly said...

the grape color is awesome, but so is the blue you got. I think I bought all of my maternity clothing from old navy. It was cheap and it wasn't horrifyingly frumpy.

miss kerry said...

ooh i like them! I'm going to walk down on my lunch right now and see if they have them in grape for me! well done!

eireann said...

oooh! i love that i have inspired shoe purchases! now if you could find those grape ones in my size (9) i will love you forever, and of course i will pay you back.