Thursday, October 9, 2008

pattern update

HAH! it seems my email worked! here is what i sent yesterday at 350p:


I still have not heard anything regarding this pattern order (# 65034). I contacted Burda directly and they indicated that I needed to contact you as you handle the US shipments of their patterns. However, I have not received a response to my email last week, nor have I received a call back regarding the two messages I have left. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this order.

this morning when i came to work i found this email in my inbox, sent last night at 830p:

Hi Erin,

We apologize that you did not receive a prompt reply. There have been some unexpected fulfillment delays with some of the pattern companies. Your order will be shipped tomorrow with 1 backordered pattern.

Thank you,

at least they responded and let me know what is going on. but aren't they supposed to give you some kind of status update? i.e. one of your patterns is backordered so your shipment is on hold, we will notify you and ship your order as soon as we can? and shouldn't they do all this without me having to get all cranky at them?

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