Wednesday, October 8, 2008

when is a bathroom more than a bathroom?

when you decorate it up to feel blissful!

well, maybe blissful is stretching it a bit, since these are the two small bathrooms in our house. (we have yet to figure out what to do with our master.) but i wanted them to be pretty places, a room that feels good to be in instead of just functional. i was craving a ledge for the upstairs bathroom, for the nook above the toilet in the water closet:

and tried to create a "natural garden" feel with the green linen shower curtain, green candles, and framed cutting (from our front yard!). you can't see it, but on the facing wall i found a pretty clock with flowered grasses embedded in it. there's other framed cuttings and an orchid in the outer wash area.

then brian complained that the upstairs bathroom looked so nice and i didn't do anything with the downstairs guest bathroom, so i got another ledge. i love ledges. they are such an easy design element. just pop it on the wall and arrange a couple items on it and instant style:

a fancy framed greeting card, a shell and coral from our honeymoon, a candle, and a seashell clock for a beachy, "vacation" feel. i think the shell and candle need to be a bit taller, but they were laying around the house and they'll do for now. hopefully guests will feel like they are on vacation and can relax and come back to visit more often!


Kelly said...

I love these shelves! I have wanted some for quite a while now, are they pretty easy to install? I saw some at Lowe's that was matchy-ish to the moldings in our house(1912 craftsman).

eireann said...

these ones were insanely easy to install - i got one at kohl's and one at linens n' things. they are the level-line (sp?) brand and the ledge has a notches at the back, and you nail a bracket to the wall that has a teeny level in it, so you can be sure it is level, and then tuck the ledge onto the bracket. and because the bracket is not screwed onto the ledge, you can slide the ledge a couple inches in either direction if you decide you didn't put it in exactly the right spot the first time (like i did with the downstairs bathroom). it seriously took about 3 minutes to put one up and they went up perfectly the first time.

do it!! and then post photos.