Thursday, October 16, 2008

yeah yeah

i forgot t3 last week. actually, i remembered on wednesday and then thursday was crazy busy and it slipped my mind. in my defense, there is something about pregnant women and forgetfulness...

1. today i am thankful for my baby. last week my friend jaimey birthed and lost her son jonathon, who was born with anencephaly. i've been following her story since she found out about this neural-tube defect and it breaks my heart all over again every time i think about her.

2. my husband, who always does so much more than i give him credit for. he is pretty awesome and i don't always see that or acknowledge it to him. i am working on being a better wife to him and appreciating him more.

3. our upcoming housewarming party! i am so excited to have our friends and family over to see our new home and just get to see people that we have not seen in quite a while. we have been a bit reclusive since we moved, since we have both been so exhausted with work and trying to get settled into the house and now the baby thing. we are calling it an "open house" party, so if you want to swing by, email me for our address and directions.

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Jaimey said...

Thanks. :) I am glad we have reconnected! I hope you are well.