Friday, October 24, 2008

my babies

today i am thankful for:

1. my kitty - my baby. he is so silly and sweet and cuddly and loving, and i worship him. he is my little man. he is at the vet today getting his teeth cleaned (and two pulled) and it breaks my heart because brian had to leave him there and i bet he was scared and lonely. he will get lots of cuddles tonight when he gets home from the vet, because brian and i feel so guilty, even though we know this is what is best for him in the long run.

2. my hubby. he takes care of our little "family" (me and woody - spot doesn't count yet, because spot is still my responsibility since it is still in my belly) so well. he took woody to the vet even though brian was worried about the anesthesia they would have to give woody to clean his teeth and do the extraction. academically, he knows he will be okay, but in his heart he still worries. brian has such a big heart and i love him for it.

3. spot - our soon-to-be baby. we had another ultrasound yesterday and spot waved his/her right arm at us! brian thinks that means it will be a boy because it has a good arm for playing baseball. i said it looks like it will be a swimmer (which brian says is only for girls - sorry michael phelps). we'll find out in two months whether we will have a baseball player or a swimmer.

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