Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my biggest fan

our master bedroom is upstairs with a nice vaulted ceiling and two big west-facing windows. while the sunshine is nice, it sure gets hot up there. we also have a severe lack of lighting options at night, which was really getting to be a headache. there are two reading lamps (oddly, mounted directly over the bed instead of over where nightstands would be), but only one on a hot switch. i have a distinct aversion to floor lamps (lamps in general) but for the past few months we have had no other options. until now. i give you... our brand-new ceiling fan with light!

i admit, ceiling fans - especially ones with light globes - are not the swankiest of design elements. nor was this one my top pick, but since my top pick cost more than double what this one did.... also, the globe echoes the bell globes on the light fixture above the vanity in our en-suite and the colors are similar to other tones found in our house, so it doesn't look like an afterthought. and boy was it nice to flip a switch and have the room be nicely lit - and to sleep with the fan circulating cool air last night.

and the best part - i installed it myself! yep, that's right. me. all by myself. including wiring it into the ceiling, which was admittedly simple since the electrical box was already there and we were already wired for a chandelier or ceiling fan. but still... i am very proud of myself for handling minor electrical work. and i think it's like children - you can overlook their imperfections and love them mindlessly when they're you're own.

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