Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i ordered maternity patterns two weeks ago from burda and they still have not arrived, nor have they charged my credit card - which leaves me wondering, what is up with my order? i emailed them last week and got no response. i even called them directly early this morning - all the way to germany, no less - and they told me i had to contact this company because they handle shipments in the united states. i've left two messages with that domestic company and no response, and i fired off another email. i admit, that email was not quite as friendly as the first email, but if it gets a response (and my patterns!) - hey, it was worth it.

on the bright side, this domestic company is just that - domestic. and long-distance calls on my cell phone are free, so all i have to explain to hubby are three one-minute phone calls and one two-minute phone call to germany (because their phone system kept hanging up on me).

moral of the story: do not buy your burda patterns online. i still trust mccall's, butterick, vogue, and simplicity, largely because they are domestic companies and therefore wouldn't have to hassle with shipping overseas or using a distributor to ship overseas for them. but not burda, never again. the problem is burda patterns - which are awesome patterns imho, true to size, well-fit, easy-to-follow instructions, and stylish - are not generally carried at large chain fabric stores. the other problem is that the other major pattern manufacturers above have about 7 maternity patterns combined, and none very stylish, while burda had nine patterns alone and all rather fashion-forward. but i will never order again online. if i desperately want a burda pattern, i'll drive to a store that carries them, or make do with another manufacturer.

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