Tuesday, September 30, 2008

blue like jazz

i am so humbled and convicted, and i'm only 1/3 of the way through. donald miller has such a lovely voice. i want to be in love with God like that. why can't i?


miss kerry said...

a. you have missed much of his story if you dont see that Don Miller has not always been that in love with God.

b. you can be, but likely it's not just going to happen without you being proactive...

eireann said...

a. i see a lot of myself in his struggle with coming to love God as much as he does. i want to be in love with God as compared to his end product.

b. i understand that it's not going to happen without me being proactive. however i look back on my past relationship with God and especially the times when i was more proactive, and i don't see that my relationship had been as deep and meaningful as don miller describes his currently. is all.

we're chatting a lot lately, a lot more than we had in the past, me and Him. we're coming to terms with each other. it's just taking longer than i would like, but i guess not everything happens on my schedule.

miss kerry said...

your past relationships were also you younger and less mature than Don Miller is in his end product, remember that.

Do you think you loved your highschool boyfriends like you love Brian? Did you really understand what love was at 18? I'm sure you thought you did at the time.

Love has a lot to do with maturity and understanding and those things grow as you do, and your concept of them.