Thursday, September 25, 2008

baby alien

today's three things to be thankful for is short, because it is only one thing (and a semi-announcement):

yep, we're pregnant. we thought i was 8 weeks 2 days along, but according to the ultrasound i'm only 7 weeks 3 days. no matter. baby alien is that large blob in the circle (the small gray-ish blob under it is the yolk sac, which nourishes the alien until the placenta forms) and is only 1.21cm long. that's about 1/2 inch, for those of you who do not faithfully use the metric system.

the most amazing thing was, we got to see its teeny tiny heartbeat. brian said it kind of looked like it was clapping its hands. it was right under that darker line in the blob (brian is convinced the left end is its head). the alien is only the size of a blueberry, but it already has a tiny beating heart, and it's beating strong enough for us to see it on an ultrasound.

if you want to follow this craziness, i'll be posting semi-regularly (or at least trying to) over at the adventures of baby stenz.

can you get any more amazing? i thought not.

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Kelly said...

That is super exciting.