Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i thought they were okay

i went out on a limb and picked up a couple new recipes from the food network for dinner last night. they were from my favorite girl rachael ray, whom i adore even though i cannot seem to make an entire meal in 30 minutes no matter how hard i try. i made mac and cheese lorraine (brian: what, put a girl's name at the end of it and all of a sudden it's fancy?) and sesame and herbes de provence chicken tenders, and brian did not appreciate my dinner. he commented that if we never had them again, it would not be soon enough. he also threw my printouts away because he said i did not need to make them again. hrm. i did not think they were that bad, honestly. i'd make 'em again, except for that man.


Kelly said...

This is making me laugh. Once Matt threw away a recipe I printed out and I was sooo offended.

I can't make a meal in 30 minutes either. I used to really love Rachel Ray, but not so much anymore. I really love Martha Stewart, and she has some really good recipes. Lots of them, actually.

eireann said...

i love martha, but she always seems so fussy to me. i appreciate that she takes the time to do things "properly," but sometimes i just can't be bothered and want a shortcut. though dang does she ever have good stuff.

i was not super offended because brian rarely dislikes anything i make (or at least he rarely tells me about it). i can only imagine how that "conversation" with matt must have gone, would have loved to be a fly on the wall!