Thursday, September 11, 2008

love me some dutch baby

i've had food on the brain lately. seems like it's all i can think about. so here is a yummy breakfast recipe that i absolutely love. i really like making it when we have company [read: mother-in-law] stay with us, because it looks and tastes somewhat impressive and is insanely easy to whip up in the morning. i am not much of a cooking for breakfast kind of girl - cooking first thing in the morning, before i've even had my coffee (or even while i'm having my coffee), is so not my idea of a good time. ergo hubby never really gets pancakes or waffles or even eggs for breakfast. but sometimes he does get this, because i love it, and as i've mentioned before, we don't always have everything brian loves. sometimes we have things i love too.

today i am thankful for:

1. warm sunshine. man it does me some good to live in a sunny place. until i moved out of san francisco, i did not really appreciate how much i needed and missed the sun. until i moved out of marin, i did not realize how much i adore sunshine and warmth. i thought it was sunny and warm in marin. it is a thousand times sunnier and warmer here.

2. that i am insanely normal and healthy. earlier in the week, kaiser decided they wanted to run a billion tests on me, so they took five vials of blood (i mean, who needs that much?!?). everything came back normal and contrary to brian's thinking, i am actually healthy. (i keep telling him so, but he is a man and never believes me.) i have enough red blood cells and white blood cells and platelets and my kidneys function great and i'm not diabteic and my liver is doing what it's supposed to and i'm not anemic and i'm immune to rubella and i have a positive blood. so there's my shout-out to average, hooray.

3. german pancakes, or a dutch baby, or whatever you want to call it. i think this would be kind of fun for kids, but maybe that's just me. i like turning on the light in the oven and watching it poof up and up and up and then collapse back in on itself. and man is it ever yummy.

german pancakes

3 eggs
1/2 c. flour
1/2 c. milk
1/2 tsp. salt
2 T. melted butter

preheat the oven to 400' and butter a cold 10" cast-iron skillet. beat eggs well. mix in flour, milk, and salt and beat hard until smooth. [i use a food processor or mixer.] drizzle in the butter and stir until well mixed. pour into buttered skillet and bake in the oven 20-25 minutes or until golden. serve immediately with butter, lemon juice and powdered sugar, fresh fruit, syrup, or jam. a double recipe can also be made in a 10" skillet.

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