Monday, September 15, 2008

cheese update

by the way, my cheese never really turned out. (in case you missed it, i was thrilled by the idea of making cheese and it was going to become my newest hobby. in addition to the bajillion other things i dabble in. because, you know, i need more hobbies.) i was so excited to make my own ricotta and it was supposed to be way easy. way easy for who, pray tell? not me. supposedly you just boil whey for 30 minutes until it starts to precipitate, and then you strain it. i must have boiled that whey for a good two hours, and it never precipitated. ever. i even added some buttermilk, because i read that you can do that also to kind of help speed the precipitation process along. no dice.

i also wanted to try making goat cheese, which also did not work out. well, it kind of worked, but it tasted awful. and i had used a half a gallon of goat's milk, which i was kind of pissed about afterwards (when it tasted so bad and i had to throw it out), because i could have used that to make some perfectly good soap. i mean, there is a hobby i am actually reasonably competent at, and i wasted perfectly good goat's milk on a cheese experiment and now i have none for my soap. damn.

i think i am sticking to panir, and otherwise giving up the dreams of a cheesemaking hobby. i think i'll stick to sewing, and soapmaking, and knitting, and scrapbooking, and, and, and.

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Kelly said...

It's good to accept that not everything can be your hobby. I frequently need reminding of this.