Monday, September 29, 2008

trashy acts of kindness

when i came home from work tonight, our trash cans were not sitting by the sidewalk like they usually are after the trash man comes around. it was very strange. did someone actually steal our trash cans? how weird, but then, stranger things have happened. when i pulled into the driveway and opened the garage door, i noticed that our neighbor had pulled them up the driveway over to our fence (where they get put away) for me. when i went over to thank him, he explained that i shouldn't be doing heavy lifting in my condition.

usually brian does the trash cans and spares me that chore. it's very kind of him and i always appreciate it (though i think i don't tell him that enough) because i don't like running around the house emptying all the little cans and hauling the big bag out to the bin. (my job it to replace the kitchen trash bag.) but brian is in kentucky so taking out the cans was my job this week. it's not a hard job, of course, and brian is so sweet that he even made it easier for me by doing all the collecting and hauling the night before he left, so all i had to do was put the cans actually out in the street. so that was actually the first trashy act of kindness to happen to me, and our neighbor was the second.

it was such a little thing that our neighbor did for me this evening, and it was so nice. it really made my evening and i liked sharing it with brian, so i just thought i would share it with you too.

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