Friday, February 13, 2009

wedding part 1

brian and i got married on august 1, 2004 - a day i thought (hoped) would be beautiful and sunny. instead i woke up to overcast clouds, cold breezes, and a light drizzle. it was a sunday, two days after the bachelorette party. i and my girls spent saturday working on flowers - my lovely sister did all my flowers for me. we had 400 roses delivered from 2g roses, along with stock, misty, and greens. kerry really made me some beautiful flowers.

sunday morning alice, jackie, mil, and i went to get our hair done and then headed over to the crystal springs golf course in burlingame, where we were getting married. it was a little chaotic in the dressing room because we were running a couple minutes behind, but in the end we managed to get out there okay. i did not want to be late to my own wedding!

the only "problem" with the site was that because it was outdoors, there wasn't really a place for me "hide" before the ceremony so brian wouldn't see me. my dad solved that problem by waiting in the back of the car with me (with tinted windows) while everyone got into place and walked down the aisle ahead of me. i was happy and excited to be getting married, and the moment i saw brian from the window of the car i started crying. there was the man i had waited so long to marry (we were engaged for a year and a half prior) and he looked so handsome in his tuxedo. my dad worried that i was getting cold feet but i assured him they were happy tears.

i got teased later because i was "bouncing" on my tiptoes during the entire ceremony, as if i was so excited i couldn't sit still. i didn't realize it at the time but sure enough, there i am on our wedding video, rocking backing and forth up onto my toes. brian was a nervous wreck. i think it had only hit him the night before that he was really getting married.

our photographer (whose personality just did not mesh with ours, the only other bummer of the day besides the weather) let us know that we were actually lucky with the weather. if it had been a bright sunshine-y day it would have been hard to get good photos that were not all glare-y and washed out. it didn't exactly make up for the goosebumps but it was nice to know we would at least have great photos.

we had a lot of friends and relatives who helped us out with our wedding and we were so thankful to all of them for making our day come together so beautifully. my godmother spent the day before sewing pearls onto my veil and other friends decorated the tables that morning. as i mentioned my sister made gorgeous work of the flowers. we had another group of friends who decorated the gazebo and even left us a little note that only we could see during the ceremony.

when we kissed, brian's groomsmen whipped out signs they had made "rating" us. from left to right, we scored a 9.9, gross, 9.8, and 10.0! we really had a great wedding party and i am so glad we chose the people we did. of course, they are the people who were (and still are) closest to us. kirsten, kerry, me, brian, ed, paul; alice, jackie, isabel, joaquin, jimmy, and dave.

i am so thankful for my sister. over the years she has grown into a beautiful, clever, interesting woman who loves God with her whole heart. she is so fun and talented and i am so lucky that she was my maid of honor.

we barely had time to take all the pictures that the photographer wanted (wait, whose wedding was this?) but i am really glad he got these shots of us.

then we had to head up to the golf course clubhouse, where our guests were waiting for us. our reception was ready to begin!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures, and your sister did an excellent time with the flowers!

From Single to Married said...

So pretty - you look gorgeous and the photos turned out great (even if the photographers wasn't that nice to work with)!

Elizabeth said...

beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. I think everyone has that one or more things they would change about the day,but I guess you can't go back,and you just have to keep all the great memories instead.
The flowers were very beautiful.