Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how to annoy your husband

1. lose one of the cordless telephone handsets.
2. deny using the phone, thereby negating that it is your fault that it is lost. when it becomes obvious that it is your fault, admit that you can't remember when you last even used the phone, so how could it be your fault?
3. blame it on pregnant brain.
4. call the handset using the intercom feature on the other handset (or your cell phone).
5. allow husband to discover handset on the shelf in the closet next to your shoes.
6. laugh uncontrollably, thereby increasing his frustration. blame it again on pregnant brain and remind him that you cannot remember the last time you used the phone.
7. kiss husband and remind him that he loves you despite your "quirks."


Kelly said...

that's really funny.

Once Matt lost his keys, and we found them in the kitchen trash can. Matt blamed me because I am "the person most likely to" commit such an act. And also because I "found" them. But I am pretty sure I didn't do it.

I'm not even pregnant and I sometimes find that I have put milk in a cabinet or ice cream in the fridge.

Jaimey said...

When I was pregnant with Grayson, Zack got a ticket and up here they mail your your court date. So a few weeks goes by and Zack asks me if I have seen his court paper work cause he has not seen it in the mail... I SWEAR I have not. Another few weeks goes by and I find it in my day planner. Opened and "filed". I STILL have no recollection of this event. Oops! We had to pay the ticket because he missed the court date... due to the loss of the paper work. I still think some weird little elf did it! Pregnant brain is a funny thing!

Post baby brain doesn't get a whole lot better! Sorry...

Jaimey said...

Oh and Kelly- I don't know you but I just wanted to chime in... I leave the milk on top of the fridge ALL THE TIME!!! Its ridiculous!

eireann said...

i cannot even begin to count the number of times i have put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge. oh Lord. or the number of trips to the grocery store i have to make because i've forgotten a couple things. i make a list, but i forget to put things on the list.