Saturday, February 7, 2009

project catch-up

have not been sewing up a storm lately. i kind of want to, there's a dress i really would like to make out of this tan linen with navy flowers embroidered on it. i'm just not sure if i want to make it a maternity dress or just a loose regular dress. i'll likely be wearing it this summer which means after baby with nursing boobs and a poochy post-baby belly.

did this cute top a couple weeks ago. same pattern as this top but i couldn't find navy ribbon dark enough for the tie. it really is navy, not black. i wore it anyways without and boy is it comfy that way. maybe i will leave it without.

these "cargo" capris are also from the same pattern as the pants in that post. can someone please tell me why i cannot seem to find khaki ribbing anywhere? one would think that would be common, but alas, no. and the tweakiness in the legs, i am thinking it is just the way they hang for some strange reason. because the other pants did the same thing when i took a picture, but these (and the other pants) hang fine when on me. and of course they are cut on grain so it is not that.

this fourth of july stripe was on sale for $2/yard. i did not even use a full yard, which is good because i think a little floppy wide-brimmed hat would be absolutely adorable with this dress. obviously this is not for me. it is butterick # 3913, sans the lame little vest-y thing that goes over the dress. one of the surprisingly few patterns i have with a newborn size. unless she is overly huge (please God, no) or premature and tiny, our gal ought to be able to fit into this just fine for fourth of july.

if the ultrasound tech was wrong and she comes out a boy, i am going to shoot myself.

these were christmas gifts for my mother, sister, and grandmother. my mother specifically requested soap and i hadn't made any in a while so i think kerry was running out also.

the spotty orange/yellow one is citrus with calendula flowers and orange peel in it. i used bramble berry's beach breeze fo, bergamot eo, and some mandarin eo. the pink swirl is a floral scent of rosewood, lavender, ylang-ylang, and violet eo's. the dark brown one is the soap from this post that kind of caused me a bit of a headache which is why it looks a bit rough around the edges. vanilla and earth musk fo's, both from bramble berry, with some yarrow and honey. i may have tossed in some cream and/or almond meal towards the end as well, not sure. it doesn't look so beautiful but man does it smell nice.

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