Sunday, February 15, 2009

actually rather liking the quilt (part 3 of... ?)

finished piecing together the top of the quilt and i really like how it turned out. except for the fact that i cannot sew in a straight line apparently, it ended up being not so awful. i have a renewed appreciation for quilters, not only because of the beautiful art they create but also because i just do not have that kind of patience. if the kiddo doesn't love this then i am taking it for myself:

from left to right, top to bottom: stretching to the stars, chinese lantern, scrappy heart, celebration star; log cabin, friendship star, four-square pinwheel, ship at sea; invented pinwheel, bug jar, diappearing nine-patch, nine-patch; framed four-square, shoo fly, scrappy house, spool; four-square yankee puzzle, simplified maryland beauty, old maid's puzzle, and monkey wrench.

i especially love the little house:

all the fabrics i used in the quilt are in this one block. that light stripe for the "door" and "window" is what i also used in between all the blocks. the pink is actually leftover from this blouse which is partly why there is only a tiny bit of it sprinkled throughout the quilt. there was only a tiny bit leftover and i also wanted it to be more purple and yellow than pink.

i tossed it up in the nursery to see and it really ties everything in together very pretty. we painted letters spelling out her name in the same purple as the butterflies, and the crib sheet we picked up cheap at ikea picks up the pink. that washed-out pink is actually the same tone as the wall color so the whole thing looks cohesive. i will post photos of the nursery as it comes along a little more, right now it is just a crib and a rocker in an empty room.

in the meantime i have to figure out how to actually quilt it and border the edge. i'm kind of scared of this part (the quilting) because i don't think i have the right presser foot and i have never done it before. so we shall see. after that i think i am going to get started on a skirt for the crib. i was going to forgo a skirt because i really detest them in general but the crib looks kind of undone without it because all the underparts are showing. that sounds a lot more scandalous than it really is.


Kelly said...

the quilt is really cute. If I were you I'd buy the quilting foot for your machine.
So, what's her name, since you already painted the letters??

From Single to Married said...

love your quilt!! One of these days I've got to make me one of those...

Elizabeth said...

Yes, what names are you guys kicking around??
Very cute quilt, it will be a nice little treasure when she is older.

eireann said...

brian says we are keeping her name a secret until she is born, but he is kind of a stinker like that. besides everyone will see her name at the shower when they see the nursery. so, sometime very soon i will post photos of the (still in development) nursery and you will see. :)