Thursday, February 5, 2009

the husband is basically useless and i mean that in the best possible way

this week i am thankful for:

1. the man my husband (usually) is. this was brought into sharp focus for me this week as his recent nagging back pain became unbearable and debilatating. we are not sure if it is a pinched nerve, muscle spasm, recurrence of a bulging disk he had four years ago, or something worse, and the drugs the doctor gave him only do so much. it's really difficult to see my husband in so much pain and so useless in the face of his regular everyday activities, especially when i'm used to him being so strong and capable and masculine. he seems somehow diminished right now, like a little old man. i want my old husband back, the one who carries the heavy grocery bags and doesn't wince every time he gets up from his chair.

2. my mother, who is amazing and generous and exceedingly excited about our baby and helping us out. my mom is the best bargain-hunter i have ever met and her skills have been put to the test with this baby. she found us a graco stroller system for only $75 and a ton of other things. just last night she found us the perfect crib, for only $40. i don't know how she does it, but i do know we would be much poorer without her help.

3. rain, which i am usually not thankful for, but we're in a drought out here right now and really need it. the rain have gotten so far this morning is pretty pitiful and we won't get enough this season to alleviate our water issues, but every little bit helps. also, it means i get to wear my rain boots.

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Anonymous said...

Great thankful list. I am glad your back is doing much better.