Wednesday, February 11, 2009

quilt part 2 (of... ?)

i've settled on a sampler quilt. i'm actually kind of liking making it, surprise surprise. who knew! the piecing part is still slow and frustrating, but i think that it is a sampler is keeping my attention more than it would otherwise. each block is different so i'm not doing the same repetitive thing over and over and hating it [as much]. although figuring out how big to cut the pieces is a bit more challenging because... each block is different.

here is what i have so far:

from left to right, the block patterns are: spools, ship at sea, and old maid's puzzle; disappearing nine patch, stretching to the stars, and celebration star; nine patch, framed four patch, and my pinwheel; bug jar, shoo fly, and friendship star; and monkey wrench.

all total i am figuring i will need to make 20 blocks, because the quilt will need to be 4 blocks by 5 blocks to get to be about 45" x 60". i have a pretty stripe i think i am going to throw in (it is actually in the old maid's puzzle block) for in between the blocks, and i still have not figured out how i want to finish the borders. i am figuring i am making pretty good progress in that i have 13 blocks done so only have seven more to do, and a bunch more patterns to use. some are more complicated than others so we'll see if i get up to those.

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