Friday, November 21, 2008

girls' night out

after the rehearsal dinner, us girls went back to mil's to change out of our pretty rehearsal clothes into our cute "club" clothes for my bachelorette party. i just wanted to have a fun evening hanging out on the town with my girls and pretty soon we were off.

kirsten was our designated driver, as she was 9 months pregnant with my niece and couldn't drink anyways. we went up to north beach in san francisco, a fun, vibrant area of the city. it was friday night and everyone was out having fun, the perfect evening for a party. after circling the block a few times looking for a place to park (parking in san francisco is horrendous to begin with, and on a friday night in north beach it's a total nightmare), we piled out and headed to steps of rome on columbus avenue. yum! my girlfriend julia met us there for dessert.

kirsten, me, and julia. i don't know why the photos got all funky with the lights but i think it looks kind of neat. maybe alice just had too much to drink. i love kirsten's belly in this photo.

before we left mil's kirsten passed on her "veil" from her bachelorette party for me to wear the whole evening. (i passed it on to my girlfriend nichole when she got married last year.) the girls also produced a "scavenger hunt" list of things i had to do, like remove my bra without going to the restroom, get a strange guy's phone number, and kiss a stranger (on the cheek!).

it felt a little scandalous at first, but it was fun. and speaking of scandalous, the waiters at steps of rome! they brought out a tiramisu for me and one pulled me up to dance on the bar with him, since i was not thrilled with the idea of the lap dance that his friend had done for another girl that evening.

after we had our fill of yummy dessert we walked over to suede, a trendy nightclub on bay street. it ended up being a bit of a hike but it was a nice night.

we had a table reserved for us upstairs in the loft, with a bottle of captain morgan's. i think i might still have some of that rum in the bar in our dining room!

kerry & julia taking a time out from the dance floor. maybe to mix another drink? we all got our dancing shoes on, even me - and i'm sooo not a dancer. fun times, for sure.

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Kelly said...

I love the scavenger hunt idea. That's too funny!