Tuesday, November 4, 2008

asian pot roast

omg this is so delicious, and this is what i am having for dinner tonight:

it's called chinese-style stove-top pot roast with noodles, and it is so flipping good. i call it asian pot roast; brian loves it and begs for "that stuff with the bok choy." it's a bit more work than i think pot roast ought to be, though i probably have a skewed version of how much work it ought to be (none). also, i make it in my crockpot even though the recipe says to do it in a dutch oven on the stove. i did it like that once which was fine, but i don't want to leave the stove on all day, so crockpot it is.

due to copyright restrictions i don't want to post the recipe here in case i unwittingly run afoul of some strange law that i don't know about. it was in the october 2006 issue of cooking light magazine. if you don't subscribe to cooking light (you ought to) or you don't save your back issues obsessively like i do, they have a recipe search option on the homepage. i suppose you could type in the recipe name; i just typed in "pot roast star anise bok choy" (some of the ingredients in the recipe) and it came up. it's relatively cheap to make too, once you buy the star anise and the chinese five-spice (spices being the most expensive part of a recipe anyways as well as the part you don't always have to buy). if you make it please let me know how you liked it!

pssssst: it's not really that much work. i'm just a lazy cook and a complainer, kind of like how i'm a lazy seamstress. i did all the prep work this morning and when i went home at lunch i put the meat in the crockpot and turned it on. when i come home tonight, viola! dinner will be done, mostly. there is still some cooking to be done, but it's really easy stuff. the noodles take all of like 5 minutes to cook, if that, and the mushroom/carrot sauté only takes about 5 minutes too.

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