Thursday, November 13, 2008

automotive contentment

this week i am thankful for:

1. our cars. brian and i are fortunate enough to not just have one vehicle that runs well, but two, one for each of us. lots of families have to make do on only one car. we don't, and while a two-car family is pretty common, i still consider us lucky.

2. my car's (relative) health. it had an oil change last month and passed smog yesterday, and the registration is taken care of. today it got two new tires put on and all four realigned. it still needs a transmission flush and the rear wheels could stand to have camber arms installed, but at the moment i'm counting my blessings. the engine won't seize, i won't get a ticket for expired registration, and i won't slide off a wet or snowy road.

3. that we are not making more money than we do right now. we went to the car show this weekend (it was so not as great as when it comes to the moscone center in san francisco, just so you know, but they did have a cool antique motorcycle exhibit) and saw lots of things to lust after. we also saw lots of things that would be very real possibilities if we traded in one of our perfectly good cars and took out an additional loan. we're not poor and we're certainly not rich. we manage, but if we had more disposable income those possibilities could well become realities. i love my husband and want him to be happy but i don't see why we would need to trade in our 2-year-old car just because he is tired of it and wants an suv again. at least i can play the "no money!" card and guilt him away from those thoughts right now.

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Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Top o the Mornin' Eireann,
Good for you Sweetie. I'm proud for you that you took a stand not to go into debt.
In October of this year my hubby and I celebrated 35 wonderful years to gether. We have been, at times, up to pur necks in debt. I cringe when I think how much interest we've paid over the years. So two years ago we decided to get out of debt forever. And we did. It wasn't easy. There is always something out there to buy. And the credit cards make it so easy to spend. Especially when they send you new cards with no limit.
So for our 35th wedding anniversay gift to one another, we got out of debt. Our house is paid for as well as our car and truck. All credit cards are paid up and cut up.
Now, I said all that to say this, You can not imagine how wonderful it feels to be debt free. I never dreamed it could feel like this.
So if at all possible stay out of debt as much as you can. My sage advice to all young marrieds. Sometimes I look back at our younger years and ask myself, "where did all that money go???"
I'm proud you realize that peace of mind is much better than a new car. Bravo!
God Bless You,
Miss Lila in Atlanta