Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thanksgiving dinner confessions

i have been to the grocery store twice so far and both times i have forgotten dr pepper, onions, and parsley. disclaimer: i know dr pepper is not a traditional thanksgiving dinner ingredient, but the b-man loves the stuff and our home is not a home without dr pepper.

we are only having three for dinner so i bought a turkey breast. i have no idea how to cook it. i did it once a couple years ago and it was dry and awful so i never did it again. i found this recipe that sounds yummy and pretty foolproof.

i don't like yams or sweet potatoes and have no clue how to make them "properly" (read: the way brian likes them). i have tried the joy of cooking recipe and the cooking light recipes with no luck yet. this year i'm going to try this one and see if it works.

i also don't understand why candied yams have miniature marshmallows in them. that just seems gross to me.

i am the only one this year who will eat green bean casserole, but we're still having it.

only my side of the family likes cranberry sauce, but i still serve it even though they won't be here. i feel like i have to and it won't be thanksgiving without it. why?

my husband complained about having to do the "traditional" turkey dinner this year and i think he would like something different. but last year when i tried to mix it up a little (mashed root vegetables instead of plain old potatoes, fig/sage/walnut stuffing instead of plain old regular dressing), he got annoyed.

thank heavens for pumpkin pie, is all i have to say.


miss kerry said...

um, do not try to take credit for my cranberry walnut sage stuffing, that was not *you* mixing it up, that is my delicious find, creation and obsession. i will expose the heck out of you.

SOW: on your bridal shower day, I had been in KZ for 6 weeks, and had been traveling for 20-something hours and up for like 50. I'm was way more exhausted than you may remember, which makes me a way better sister than you wrote.

eireann said...

all i meant by mixing it up is that different dishes were created for that dinner. so pooh.

yeah, i guess you are a way better sister than i remember. you were probably a way better sister yesterday than i remember, even. hah.

Kelly said...

I don't do turkey. I don't really like it and I also think it's a hassle. I am actually not that thanksgiving friendly for a girl who is obsessed with Martha Stewart and loves to cook/bake, oh well.

Kerry's comment cracked me up!