Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween 2008

this year was the best halloween thus far in our married life, possibly since i have known brian. when i was in college living in san francisco, we did not get any trick-or-treaters. now i realize it was probably because i lived in kind of a ghetto area of sf (not super-scary, but not exactly the friendlist spot in town), though at the time it did not seem so ghetto to me. funny how much you can overlook in the thrill of being young and getting your first apartment. when i lived in daly city i didn't get any either. maybe there weren't a lot of kids in my building. when we lived in san francisco we didn't get any either, and we lived in the outer excelsior district which is not sketchy at all. maybe we did and i just always worked too late.

when we lived in marin we didn't get any trick-or-treaters either, which i always thought was odd because we lived in a nice suburban town in a nice apartment complex with lots of kids. i always thought if i was a parent that it would be great to just take my kids around the complex. it was safe and well-lit and i always thought you'd get a great take from the 100+ apartments there. maybe it was all the stairs to those second-floor apartments that were too daunting for little kids, who knows.

now that we are smack in the middle of a suburban development, this halloween was more like i remember as a kid. we even got to decorate the exterior of our home (something very hard to do in an apartment). i didn't dress up for work (it's kind of hard in an office, so i wore my orange sweater and black pants to be festive) but brian did for his residents. he usually doesn't do all the makeup or wear the cap, but he went all out this year. this costume cracks me up on him:

he stood outside behind one of our entry columns and mooed at people as they walked up to the door and scared them. our neighbors called him the mad cow. he is nuts, that man of mine.

i have not been very creative the past few years for my halloween costumes and have just been recycling my old ones. this pirate wench i made about 12 years ago:

i thought my gypsy/esmerelda costume would be warmer, but i couldn't get the cummerbund around my waist. boy, did i feel fat and pregnant friday night. brian really liked the eyeliner, though.

this the one guy in our house who did not appreciate halloween:

he didn't mind his "costume" but he did mind the doorbell ringing all the time and the kids yelling, "trick or treat!" at first he hid behind brian's chair but later he slunk upstairs and hid under the bed. he finally came out later when the doorbell stopped ringing so much, because brian and i hung out outside and chatted with our neighbors and gave out candy before the kids got to the doorbell. poor little man, he's really in for it when spot comes.

how was your halloween?

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