Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 to-do list

2008's year of living gently will continue into 2009. i think it is not a bad theme for one's life instead of just one year. for 2009 i am giving myself a concrete, finite list of things to focus on.

- build a planter box or two (raised beds) outside and plant a vegetable garden and an herb garden.
- paint the downstairs bedroom.
- breathe once in a while.
- get a pedicure before baby arrives. can't have icky toes in the delivery room!
- send one card a week to a friend.
- create and maintain a system for dealing with the paper/mail/crap that comes into my house and collects in my kitchen.
- learn to manage roses.
- learn to enjoy being pregnant and being a mother.
- create and maintain a healthy exercise routine.
- let go once in a while.
- speak and act kindly and generously, even (epecially) when i do not feel kind or generous.
- cut our grocery bill by at least $50 per month.
- decorate our master bedroom.
- paint the family room wall.


Kelly said...

I meant to do the herb/veggie garden thing last year and never got around to it. But I really should.

Don't bother with the pedi before delivery, because they will make you wear socks for hygenic purposes.

I am good mail sorter, but somehow Matt still manages to make a mess out of incoming mail/bills.

And lastly, I struggled with the roses in our yard for 2 summers before pulling them out. I don't think they're worth the hassle. But also I live in a city with several gorgeous rose gardens I can visit.

Jaimey said...

Good list! Don't worry about learning to enjoy being a mother. Luckily it tends to come naturally. Take things one day at a time, and remember to ask for help. No one can do it alone and no one expects it. And as a last note, I give you permission to hate being pregnant. AND BE OK WITH IT. Not everyone loves it and its okay.