Tuesday, January 20, 2009

afternoon project: upcycling

turned my childhood twin comforter into a comforter/bedspread for our full-size guest futon:

all it took was two king-size flat sheets (purchased on sale by my lovely hubby) and a package of batting, 45"x60". it's basically a duvet with large (14") flaps on the sides, batting in the flaps to make it comfy and warm. it was either this or store/donate the twin and buy a larger comforter, and this was cheaper. i'm inordinately thrilled with how it turned out, i almost want to sleep in the guest bedroom just because of it.

in other news, lots of swearing when it came to using my serger. as usual. i have a pfaff hobbylock 797, a 5-spool serger. we just haven't bonded yet, after three years. granted, two of those three years it lived in my closet because i couldn't figure out how to thread it, but still. that seems like not bonding to me. currently my problem is getting the machine to sew a 5-thread safety seam (3-thread overlock with a running stitch seam) without the left needle breaking against the presser foot. seems the presser foot wants to slip around, but everything seems tight as can be. right now i'm using a 4-thread overlock which is nice, but isn't the point of a 5-spool (versus four) serger that i can do that 5-thread seam? and i can't. any tips would be appreciated.


Kelly said...

who made the quilt that is folded up at the bottom of the bed?? It's adorable!
And you did a nice job on the bedspread. Because someone in our fmaily has compulsive shopping habits(me) we have an excess of comforters. Like 4 more than we have beds. Plus sheets/blankets to match.

eireann said...

HAHAHA that is a blanket i made years ago out of a screen-printed cotton. NOT a real quilt.

someone in our family (brian) is kind of compulsive about changing up the decor in our bedroom, so we have an excess of duvets. the upside is that i get a free pass to buy fabric and sew, but the downside is that i usually piece them together to look like a quilt, and quilting is SO not my cup of tea.

s Kuma said...

Great idea ty for sharing