Sunday, January 4, 2009

cute. but do not try at home.

i got the idea here but i don't think i would do these again. they came out very cute (though certainly not as cute as the inspiration) and i really like them, but they took much more time and generated much more swearing than i can tolerate in my crafts. i think they took about an hour each. the people who are getting these (belatedly) had better appreciate them. is all i have to say.

this is the idea that started it all. for alice and her fiancé brad, who are getting married in august, so they have something special for their tree for their first christmas together. these generated the most swearing.

two cute party dresses. i thought the beads on the wire hangers (which were such a b!tch to make, i should have gotten a clue right then) would be cute but i don't like it so much, IF i were doing these again i would not bead the hangars.

i also did a little man's tee shirt and a pink onesie, for next year's family ornaments, but i already packed them with the christmas stuff. i just hope i can find them when i need them next year.

on the bright side, they were uber-cheap to make. they take virtually nothing in the way of trims and i just cut them from felt squares which are so cheap. a mixed bag of sequins was 79¢ and i had the seed beads, wire, and some random trims already anyway. i did have to buy craft glue but that was only $3.99. if i were making a lot of them i think they would come out to 50¢ or $1 apiece. dunno how much those others sell for but i'd bet it's not cheap.

on a different note, totally loving on these:

a housewarming gift from kelsey, who brought them home from her fall trip to holland. gorgeous. thanks, gal.


Kelly said...

Erin, your ornaments turned out BETTER than the inspiration ones!! Mostly because you used less sequins. ha.
But seriously, the dress and tux are so good!!
My Godmother sent me one a few years ago that is of an ugly holiday sweater. hilarious.

eireann said...

omg that is such inspiration. i could make awful holiday sweater ornaments next year!! except i don't know if my mother would get the joke.