Thursday, March 12, 2009

so not playing in the deep end today.

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this week i am thankful for:

1. my husband coming home tonight! he has been on a business trip back east all week. it's nice to have the bed to myself and use all the pillows to prop up this enormous watermelon that thinks it is my belly, but the bed is chilly without him to cuddle up next to. and between him being in meetings all day, me at work all day, and the three-hour time difference, we hardly get a chance to chat during the day. it sucks. how do women do this when their hubbies have to take lots of business trips, like all the time?

2. girl scout cookies. heck yeah. and not only are they heavenly and delicious (my favorites are thin mints and samoas, the coconut/caramel ones, how about you?) but they support a fabulous organization. my sister and i were both girl scouts when we were young and my mom was a troop leader and very involved. i want my daughter to be a girl scout too. what a great organization.

3. jon & kate plus 8. shallow, i know. this is a shallow t3 this week, i guess. i am seriously addicted to that show, i know how uncool it is to admit it. like saying you loved nkotb way back in 1991, i remember kids getting beat up for that. whatever, i bet you like some crappy random stuff too that you're embarassed to admit. seriously though, how cute are those kids, especially the little ones? those kids never fail to make me laugh. and whenever i wonder how i am going to manage with this kiddo - talk about putting things in perspective.


Sarah @ said...

I love love love samoas, but they make me sick to my stomach sometimes. And also, apparently "samoas" isn't politically correct anymore, so around here, they're called "caramel delights."

Things just don't taste as good if they aren't socially unjust, if you ask me.

Elizabeth said...

Oh ya, I remember the business trips :( my husband would sometimes have to go to India and other far flung places for sometimes two weeks. I could never figure out what time it was for him. He is with an American based company now, so there are no more international trips for him.

I was a girl scout too and sold cookies, both my daughters did as well. I haven't bought any though in years, sad to say.

I liked Jon and Kate plus 8 when they first started out, but sometimes I don't care for how they talk to each other, and that one older twin is so bratty!!

the kids from that other show with the 18 children are the ones that are something else. So well minded and helpful with each other.

Kelly said...

I have to Agree with Elizabeth about Jon and Kate. The littlest ones are so adorable, but Kate can be so nasty, and the way she talks to her husband sometimes is insulting/offensive. I still watch occasionally, though.

Lorylei LOVES being a Girl Scout. I've lead her troop for a little over a year now and it has been incredibly rewarding for both of us.

eireann said...

kelly and elizabeth, i completely agree about kate. at times i feel like giving her a pass because heck, how crazy must your life be if you had 8 kids. i don't know if i would be able to dress myself in the morning. but that really isn't an excuse for the way she talks to her husband sometimes and there are times i just want to reach into the tv and pinch her head off.

sarah - i think you're right, the box this year says "caramel delites." i think they were called something else when i was a kid, even?

Kelly said...

Pinch her head of?? Hilarious.

Re: the names of GS cookies. There are two companies(east coast/west coast) that bake up the cookies for GS, so the names and also the varieties of cookies vary from region to region.

In Oregon the caramel ones are still "samoas", and the PB/chocolate ones are "tag-a-longs". I remember those being called PB patties.