Thursday, March 26, 2009

should be a great weekend!

this week i am thankful:

1. that brian comes home tonight! he's been on yet another business trip this week and while it's nice to have the bed all to myself since i am huge and uncomfortable right now, it's rather lonely. i didn't get married because i wanted us to be apart all the time. fortunately this is the last business trip for a while. he purposely got them out of the way now instead of having to go in may when kiddo comes.

2. that alice is coming tonight! i am so so excited to see her. we've been best girls since junior high, more than half my life. i've known her longer than pretty much anyone else in my life (family excluded). she's staying for the whole weekend and i'm so thrilled.

3. that i'm off of work tomorrow! because alice is here. but it's also just nice to have an extra day off, an extra day to sleep in, and extra day to be lazy (though we're not going to be that lazy, we have plans). and since i'm taking off a friday and not a monday (or any other day) there ought to be less of a pile on my desk to catch up on come monday.


miss kerry said...

um, it's Wednesday, which made this confusing until I finally figured out you meant to post this tomorrow?

eireann said...

correct, but i'm an idiot, so i posted it wrong. and hoped no one would be up late reading. i mean, who reads my blog at 10p on a wednesday evening?

kalen (kay) said...

any extra day to sleep in is a good day to me! :) *dances*