Thursday, March 19, 2009

happy spring! (almost)

this week i am thankful for:

1. prenatal yoga. it is so nice to get out and stretch my body. granted, it doesn't feel like "real" yoga, but i'm not as agile as i used to be anyways.

2. springtime and nice weather! it is supposed to be 70° and beautiful here today and it was gorgeous yesterday. i just love this time of year when it is beautiful and not unbearably hot. it does good things for my spirit to wear cute dresses and show my arms. the only problem is, i have to work so i can't be out enjoying the sunshine until the weekend.

3. my bramble berry order that just arrived! yay! with my yummy fragrance oils, and they still give free samples! (have i mentioned how much i love bramble berry?) mine is matcha tea, for which the website gives this description: "To add to our Tea Collection (Green Tea, Black Tea, Red Lychee Tea and Tea Ceremony), we've found this specialty tea fragrance. Matcha Tea is a fine powdered green tea, used in Japanese tea ceremonies. In food, it's also used to flavor soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of Japanese confectionary. Our version of this fragrance smells strongly of Matcha Tea Leaves with just a touch of Bergamot, Fresh Lemon, Grapefruit and finished out with Rose Petals and Sandalwood. It's amazing in cold process soap and also makes a delightful scrub." i'm so excited, i can't wait. EXCEPT, where is my camden grey order??? because even with the bb order, i'm stuck until i get the cg one with my oils. it's so hard to be patient when i have so many delicious things waiting for me in that bb box.

update: the ups tracking email i got today says my cg order won't arrive until march 26. boo hoo! patience, patience, patience...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful thankful list. I never did try prenatal yoga, but always wanted to, I am sure its excellent for you and the baby!

Jessika said...

70 Degrees! Wow. I was thrilled that it got up to 60 yesterday (if the bank thermometer is accurate). Hasn't done that in MONTHS! I think 70s and low 80s is just wonderful. Anything more than that though is just too hot. I know... what a wimp I am now.

eireann said...

seriously a wimp! you would not last with our 100' summers up here. and damp heat too, not the dry heat we're used to back home. :)