Saturday, March 7, 2009

baby recipes

planning on making my own "toiletries" for the kiddo, brian thinks i am a bit nuts but is willing to let me. maybe because i've "proved" myself in the past by making my own stuff for my own use. he and i and lots of other people have used them and not died yet or had their faces melt off so i guess he figures our gal will be no different.

baby soap:
20 oz. olive oil
10 oz. coconut oil
10 oz. corn oil
2 oz. shea butter
10 oz. water
5.875 oz. NaOH
1 T. lavender eo
1 T. tee tree eo
1 oz. calendula oil

diaper cream:
1 oz. sweet almond oil
1 oz. shea butter
1 oz. calendula oil
½ oz. coconut oil
½ oz. beeswax
½ oz. zinc oxide
a few drops lavender eo
a few drops tea tree eo

bandicoot's ooh lotion:
20% olive oil (or maybe some sweet almond and/or shea and/or calendula subbed in?)
5% e-wax
5% stearic acid (possibly less for a thinner lotion?)
6% honey
1% citric acid
63% water
germaben ii
a few drops lavender eo

cloth wipe solution:
1 tsp. white vinegar or liquid soap (we'll see which works better)
1 T. calendula oil
a few drops lavender eo
a few drops tea tree eo
¼ c. aloe vera gel
½ c. water
germaben ii

baby powder:
4 oz. cornstarch
4 oz. arrowroot
1 oz. white kaolin clay
1 oz. powdered lavender buds
1 oz. powdered calendula petals
6-10 drops lavender eo

because it is so gentle and basic, the baby soap is also nice as a face soap. i might infuse the olive oil with lavender, yarrow, and slippery elm bark. likewise, remove the zinc oxide and the diaper cream becomes a very nice lip balm. baby powder is also nice for big girls as it is talc-free. and interestingly, the wipe solution (with vinegar, not soap) is very similar to a facial toner recipe i make and love; i am thinking i could maybe sub in citric acid for the vinegar, if i wanted to cut out the vinegar smell?


Kelly said...

I think it's a commendable effort, but unless you are making a TON of this beforehand, I think you may find that there just isn't the sort of time to make this kind of stuff.

Especially since people are bound to give you tons of this stuff for gifts. And burts bees baby stuff smells SO good.

is germaben an antibac of some sort?

eireann said...

germaben is an anti-bac. keeps the nasties from growing in things like lotion.

and yes this is all stuff i am planning on making ahead of time. soap in particular needs about 4-6 weeks to cure, so i need to do it relatively soon. i figure i'll be making most things around the same time as the soap since i'll be dragging all the ingredients out, that way brian only has to live with the chaos for a couple days. :)

Katelyn said...

Good luck! I have a GREAT recipe for diaper cream. Works great very quickly!

Sarah @ said...

I've only JUST started looking into making my own baby soaps/detergents/wipe solutions, etc. So you should write me off as not knowing anything, but I was wondering if you have to worry about the essential oils not being diluted enough. My big fear has been that I'm going to somehow make things worse, you know?

Any ideas?

Also, thanks for your lovely compliments on my website. I really appreciated them!

eireann said...

oooh katelyn - email it to me? pretty please? :D my email is on the front page.

sarah: i can post a quick and easy tutorial on soapmaking and balms/creams (super easy). lotion i actually have never done but i'm excited to try. toner/wipe solution you just put everything in a bottle and shake to mix, same with powder.

as far as eo's not being diluted enough, you would only use a TINY bit. tiny like drops, with the exception of soap where you are making 3 lbs. (12 bars) and even then the larger amount is quite diluted. also, that is one reason i am planning on using only lavender and tea tree eo's. not only are they naturally antibacterial and smell good, but they are both the only eo's that can safely be used neat (directly on skin) in "any" quantity. other eo's you have to be careful about the amounts you use to not cause adverse reactions (photosensitivity, irritation, etc) though generally you wouldn't use that much anyways.

Sarah @ said...

Ooh, when you have a chance, I would love to see a tutorial on what you've already made.