Friday, July 18, 2008

love love love love

here is the new sewing room, though i suppose that is technically a misnomer as the room is also used for knitting, scrapbooking, beading, ironing (the chore kind, not in conjunction with sewing), my "office" for writing cards and letters, my library (cds as well as books, though i’m missing a box of books), and all-around good feelings. i love love love this room. it gets great light and just makes me feel happy when I stand in the middle of it, or even in the doorway.

our old entertainment center has been repurposed here:

and soon i will find those adhesive-backed business card holders, so i can label my boxes (some of those have fabric, some have beads, some have cards, some have packaging-type stuff) and change the labels at will. eventually the ugly plain cardboard boxes will be covered with pretty contact paper. yes, i’m compulsive.

and my cozy chair has found a new home, for hemming and other hand sewing, knitting, or just curling up with a book:

and the dressform ("sewing body," according to my husband) was inherited from my mother. (the dress is see & sew # 4957 and is not a new project – i made it for easter a couple of years ago – but i love it so much i thought i’d show it off. it is my latest favorite dress pattern because it is sew easy, ha ha, very classic styling, simple to adjust the fit at the bust darts and/or the waistline. i love wearing it, mostly because of the swirly skirt – i love swirly skirts):

from my mother, this new organizing tip – why didn’t i ever think of this?

i made this binder for our appliance manuals and i plan to make another for the "other" manuals. since i am all about a place for everything (though not everything always makes it back to its place) and creating things and little gadgetry-type stuffs, i had a ball with this. (it is even blue, like the binder for our home inspection report! as opposed to the red "orange binder" that has the important stuff in it. yes, i’m a bit of a geek.) i tore out all the other languages because honestly, as beautiful as dishwasher sounds in french (lave-vaisselle) – and i do love estufa, the spanish word for stove – i just don’t think i’ll be using those sections anytime soon. this made for vastly fewer pages – nice! then i three-hole-punched the remaining (english) pages and tabbed them with adhesive divider tabs, so we can easily go to the "fireplace" section when we are ready to blow ourselves up by attempting to light the pilot light in the fall.

one day i will even organize my pantry, hopefully soon, because it is kind of driving me nuts that things are kind of everywhere in it, and that in a pantry as large as ours (really, i ought to just call it a "food closet") i can’t seem to create some semblance of order. if it were organized, i could stand there and look at it and revel in the organization all day. yes, i’m quirky like that.


miss kerry said...

This comment comes in four parts:

a) I am so happy for your sewing room!! b) I am so happy the old entertainment shelves are there! c) I am so happy that the entertainment shelves and blue chair are no longer in the living room! d) I think this room should have a little television/vcr combo and maybe a stack of my favorite vhs tapes that I was not willing to send home with mom. luckily I know just where you can find both of those things!


miss kerry said...

ps, i think you hung those book shelves too high.

eireann said...

yeah, i'm kind of thinking they're a little high myself. i was trying to keep them up out of the way so i would not bonk my head on them (i.e. functional) and yet still feel cozy. i just have to get around to lowering them. there seems like there are a billion more pressing things to get done around here.

where would you put the tv/vcr, btw? next to the sewing body?

Kelly said...

I love that dress!!!!
That's maybe exactly what I should use my extra fabric on. Swirly skirt? yay!!

I think I read that tip about organizing appliance manuals from martha stewart. I've wanted to do it, but I always find better things to do.

even though I don't sew much in the way of clothing I am pretty dang jealous that you have a dress form. I mean, "sewing body". ha!