Monday, July 14, 2008


i heart my new sewing room. it is so cozy and comfortable and full of the things i love. the only problem is, my drop-down ironing board is completely inconvenient now as it drops down into my sewing shelves. so now i want a new ironing board.

omg, did i actually just say that? i mean, come on, e, seriously? a new ironing board is my wildest dream?


Kelly said...

I LOVE having a sewing room.
I will say though that my ironing board is always in my way!(it's a smallish room though) So much that I bought a small tabletop one for small projects.

I hope your new sewing room inspires you to make some new great stuff!

miss kerry said...

I will still take that drop down ironing board off your hands when you get your full sized real one. you deserve a real one. up all the time for convenient of the moment ironing.