Wednesday, July 16, 2008

jam it up

i am so totally inspired to make jam. i have all these little jars from all the other times i have made jam, and they are just sitting lonely and empty waiting for me. problem is, we don't eat jam that much. at least, not the jam i like - brian pretty much only enjoys apricot jam (blleeecccchhhh). i have a small flat of peaches that a little old man gave me and i thought i would make a pie but now i all i can think of is JAM.

side note: don't you just adore little old men? i do. they are just so sweet. though i like him just the way he is right now, part of me can't wait for brian to be a little old man, because he will be so sweet and crotchety.


Kelly said...

My jam turned out really good. It is slightly on the runny side because I left out quite a bit of sugar, but it REALLY tastes like raspberries, which is awesome.

I find it a to be impatiently waiting for your husband to turn into a crotchety old man. No offense. ha!

eireann said...

not impatiently waiting, just... loving the present and happily anticipating the future, instead of dreading getting old.

well, i'm not dreading him getting old. myself, that's another story.