Thursday, July 10, 2008

love and sweat

yes, it is h.o.t. out here right now. i mean, come on, i knew it would be, but 106'? the hot makes it too hot to do yardwork et cetera, which kind of needs to be done and i am excited/motivated to do it right now because i am in love love love with our new house. i am not so in love with unpacking, but i hope that will be done soon. here are some things i especially love:

- not having to share a bathroom, because we have more than one
- cooking in my beautiful kitchen with actual counter space
- being able to do laundry whenever i want
- air conditioning
- space, because everything is not crammed into our tiny apartment
- a garage to put my tools and crap in
- brian's baseball room
- the orchid in the upstairs bathroom
- my sewing room (when it gets "finished")
- more space
- our front porch
- did i mention that i love the space in this house?

you have to come visit, really you do. we have a guest room, you're welcome any time. i'm sure i'll still be in love when you come.

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