Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i'm getting cute new glasses! i'm so excited. they are rectangular and purple and will be here in ten days, about the time i will also know if my trial contacts prescription is working or not. cute glasses are the one nice thing about having bad eyes, and cute new ones are the one nice thing about getting your prescription tweaked.

also apparently i have a lot of stress. i knew that since brian and i are going through a transition period in our life and are making a lot of changes. for the better but stressful nonetheless. but apparently i also have a lot of physical-type stress, like the amount of close-up activities i do and the way i sit at work, and that stress is manifesting itself in my eyes. who knew? my eye doctor did a test i had never done before, where there are two lines that are spaced apart from each other, and she moved them progressively in until they lined up. apparently she can see if my eye muscles are working properly or something. the lines would line up but then they would slide away from each other, and she said it is because my eye muscles are very tense because i am storing a lot of tension in my head and neck and shoulders. apparently this is also the reason i get a lot of non-migraine headaches. the cure for this seems to be lots of time in the hot tub, massages, and yoga.

look out, brian, i need a backrub. no complaining, it's a medical necessity.

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