Saturday, March 15, 2008

first things first

i figure i ought to get with the times and get my own blog.

i'm moving up in the world - i finally put a cd player in my car. it's a new-to-me car and didn't have one. the install guy at best buy said my honda stock speakers were actually pretty decent. what do i know? that's good news, i guess. thanks, grandma and grandpa.

spring training has started, hooray. afternoons and evenings will soon be occupied with baseball games. at least for my husband, which means i can read or sew guilt-free.

i checked out washers & dryers and refrigerators today at best buy and felt old. i figure we will more than likely need to supply those for whichever house we end up buying. dang that stuff is expensive. i mean, WOW. and i thought we'd feel poor just after paying closing costs - and now to shell out an additional $2200+.

i am working on a shirt dress in a cute vintage flower pattern with a piped collar and pleated sleeves. i'm worried that it will turn out too waitress-y. stay tuned for updates.

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