Friday, March 21, 2008

more employment

i am trying not to feel so discouraged about finding a job. brian wants me to find something that pays more than i currently make, which i have a sinking feeling will be difficult to do in elk grove, at least in my field, for what i'm qualified for. it just seems that i'm not qualified enough to make more. i am not sure i want to take the next step and become an agent - that would mean owning my own business, and i'm not sure that is something i desire to do. (at least, not an insurance agency.) nor do i have enough experience to go to a brokerage and become a producer, since i only have direct-writer experience and not brokerage experience. besides, if i were to become a producer, i would want to do high-end personal lines, most of which seems to be concentrated in sacramento, and i don't want to commute.

i applied for a couple jobs last night online so hopefully those will pan out. one is to be a personal banker at a bank in elk grove, which i think i could possibly be good at though i have no idea what to do. on the plus side, insurance is a start towards investments and financial services. on the negative side, it's (generally) a completely different leg of the financial table than investments. the other job i applied for is to be an accounts manager, doing payroll, reconciliations, that kind of thing. kind of an assistant-controller kind of thing, it sounded like. i have very little bookkeeping and accounting experience, but again, maybe that insurance/financials thing will help out here.

i guess i am just feeling adrift and underqualified. i really would just love to continue to be a csr for state farm but it seems that may not pay the bills the way my husband would like - and the way i would like. i mean, i'm resigned to the idea of a pay cut, but we're talking a serious pay cut here. i guess i'll just have to wait and see and hope something pans out, or i could be back at the grocery store, heaven forbid. at least they have good benefits.

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