Thursday, December 18, 2008

today i am thankful

1. that in some small way, i can (usually) make my husband's day better. tuesday was a stressful crap day for him at work, and he was cranky and irritated when he came home, but i had fresh crab for dinner and that made his evening. yesterday was another stressful day, and i was able to give him a little massage and make him a yummy dinner, and i think he was able to relax. i'm certainly far from the perfect wife, and it's not all sunshine and roses, but i'd like to think that coming home at night is not as stressful for him as leaving in the morning is.

2. for answered prayers, even when my faith is weak.

3. for my family, who are coming to our home for christmas this year. (our first christmas in the new house!) i am especially thankful in that by my age, who hasn't lost someone? my grandparents are 83 and 90 and still going strong, which is just amazing to me. i have not lost anyone. it is amazing and a blessing.

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