Thursday, December 11, 2008


this week i am thankful for:

1. my husband. i know you ladies think you have the best man out there, and you girls have pretty awesome men, but mine is the best. at least, he is the best for me. (God certainly knew what He was doing when he gave me brian!) he is kind and funny and generous and takes good care of us, and he will be an awesome dad to our kids. yes, he drives me up a wall some days, but i wouldn't trade him for the universe. besides, i think i drive him crazier than he does me.

2. my job. it has been really quiet lately at work which can be a bit nerve-wracking. we're trying to drum up business but the combination of the holidays and the economy has everyone holding on tight to their cash, even when it is in their best interest. a lot of my policyholders have lost their jobs and are having a hard time paying their bills, which cuts into our bottom line as well, so i am thankful that i still have my job.

3. my sister, who is coming over this weekend with her boyfriend to make christmas cookies. we were not what you would call close when we were kids and i never believed the people who told me we would be good friends when we were older, just you wait. i am so glad we are because she was always a neat kid (even if i didn't want to be in the same room as her) and she has grown into such a neat woman. my sister is beautiful and fun and clever and smart and generous and i know it is going to be nutty fun times in my kitchen this weekend. you wish you could be there? you are welcome to join us.


Kelly said...

I love your "you girls have pretty awesome men". So funny.

I wish I could join your baking party! have fun!

miss kerry said...

I'm sorry I wasn't so nutty fun. I'm thinking now that I was over-drugged, from taking two claritin instead of one in the morning. That is also likely why I was better with the allergies all day tho (and also nauseaus). I was pretty useless on the drive home, practically comatose.

eireann said...

you were fine, i just worry about how you will be at christmas. i love seeing you even if you are all drugged up.

kelly, we SO could have used you at our baking party. i could not get my cookie press to work for the life of me. we alpen girls, we are not bakers, but we had fun.