Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

2008 threw us some curves:
changed our jobs, moved to the 'burbs,
landed in "--- -----," bought our first home.
whaddya know, we won't be alone –
the roster's expanding with baby on the way.
our littlest giant will be arriving in may!


miss kerry said...

should it be the "roost" is expanding? I didn't know you lived in a rooster, there in --- ----- (wth, are you afraid someone is going to stalk you if they know what city you live in?)

Kelly said...

Kerry's snarky comment made me laugh so hard! I am still laughing, actually.

I got the "roster" joke, but it took me a minute... it might help that I am also married to a bseball freak. I also had the "rooster?!?" thought for a minute there. ha.

eireann said...

kerry: re: roster, see kelly's comment. see also "threw us some curves" and "littlest giant."

i doubt anyone would stalk me, i don't think i'm that fabulous. but i don't need to be broadcasting where i live. "sacramento" is enough. pppllllbbbbbttt.