Thursday, August 14, 2008

to paint or not to paint

from the moment our sectional was delivered, all i can think about is that the north wall of our family room needs to be painted. something bold but earthy, like a dark terra cotta or some kind of russet-y pumpkin-y brown. otherwise, it's just so beige and boring.

brian, however, is not as keen on the idea as i am, even when i point out to him that it's just paint and if it's awful, we can repaint it. (he did not even perk up when i suggested that we could shut the blinds and paint it naked. huh??) even when i showed him a photo of the family room that i had [badly] photoshopped, he was not convinced.

so for the three people who actually read this, please give me your opinion:


or after (even those un-photoshopped spots would be painted - you get the idea)?

(and for my sister, who wants to see the dining room table):


miss kerry said...

the sectional is beige too?? definitely needs SOME color of some sort. like the layout, and the tidiness and cohesion of it that wasn't there when last i saw, but the picture above the sofa is hung too high. it needs to be moved down about a foot. It should be no more than 18" from the top of the sofa.

eireann said...

after we put the plant there i thought that about the picture too, and it needs to be moved a little left also. yes the sectional is beige also, see why we need to paint?? please tell brian we need to paint. i'm mounting a campaign, you know. a viral campaign.

Kelly said...


It really needs some color.
Painting naked actually seems like a pretty good idea, preventing you from ruining you clothes.