Wednesday, August 27, 2008


so sunday morning we broke out the white paint instead of going to church and finished painting the lines on the ping-pong table. i know, we're starting to resemble sweaty philistines and other heathens, but you only think that because you have not yet seen the awesome ping-pong table that we made ourselves out of irene's old kitchen table. God helps those who help themselves, you know. and there will be ping-pong tables in heaven, because even though it has been argued that frisbee is God's favorite sport, i think ping-pong is. or at least a very close second.

yes, that's my hubby, dishing up a balls of fury-esque serve. (oh, you haven't seen balls of fury yet? don't bother.) i insisted we play with the garage door open, hence the halo of light surrounding him as if he were an angel. this is so our neighbors will see us playing ping-pong, and they will all want to play, and then our house will become the fun hang-out house in the neighborhood, and everyone will call it the Super Ping-Pong House of Fun and Happiness.

some of the neighbor kids actually did watch longingly for a while, so i think it could happen.

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