Monday, March 29, 2010

2010 to-do list: the duvet issue

ohmygosh, my sister is getting married!!!

okay, whew. now that i have that out of the way and i can breathe again (i am SO excited!!), here's my latest project: snaps on the guest room duvet. i can check something else off my 2010 to-do list. it didn't end up exactly how i had envision it, but i like this better, i think.

the goal was to sew ties into the corners of the guest room duvet and then buttonholes into the comforter itself, so the ties could be threaded through the buttonholes and the comforter wouldn't shift around in the duvet. this is one of my biggest pet peeves and i picked up that little trick from martha stewart years ago and filed it away in my mind, and ever since i upcycled my old twin comforter this has been on my list of things to do. but then, my mom went and bought herself a snap press and didn't love it as much as she thought she would. it's on extended loan at my house right now and very handy. i mean, who doesn't love a snap?

first, i set the male end of the snap onto a piece of sturdy grosgrain ribbon and then snipped it so i had a little snapped tab. then i sewed it into the duvet.

(blogger is not letting me upload pictures, or else you could see what i did. i know, snaps are SO EXCITING, you're all dying for photos. take it up with google.)

then i set the female end of the snap directly onto the comforter itself. the comforter gets snapped to the little tabs, and stays in place. the tabs give the comforter a little bit of movement while still keeping it in place. there are four tabs in the guest room duvet (two at the top and two at the sides near the top). i love this so much, i ended up putting tabs into two of the master bedroom duvets as well.

in other news, i've been on a spring cleaning/organization tear. i built a workbench in the garage (more on that later) and hung shelves in my laundry room and in the guest room closet. i took an entire trunkful of crap stuff to goodwill and made $100 selling some other stuff on craigslist. my current project is fabric organization: i discovered when cleaning out that (GASP) i have WAYYYY too much fabric. i never thought those words would ever cross my lips, but there it is. so sometime this week we shall see how much fabric i can part with, and it'll go up on the etsy shop, and maybe i'll make a little more money. fingers crossed.

now, go congratulate my sister!


Elizabeth said...

Doesn't spring cleaning feel good! We cleaned out the spare room, and I feel like I really accomplished something.

Congrats on your sister getting married! I love weddings :)

eireann said...

it does feel good!! i will have to post some pictures of my newly organized laundry room, and of the sewing room closet [when it is done]. i can leave the laundry room door open now which lets in so much light, and like a nerd, i kind of like to just stand there and look at it. :) and it feels so nice to have all that stuff gone from my house!!

Jamie Marie said...

confession: i go on an organizational frenzy twice a year. usually spring sometime, and then right before i drag christmas out of it's boxes. generally, the process involves a large trip to the goodwill. i'm proud of you, and secretly VERY VERY jealous, because all of my stuff is in storage right now, so i don't have the luxury of being able to stare at my organizational accomplishments.