Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today's farm box

i am so deliciously excited for what we got today:

carrots, red leaf lettuce, two heads of cabbage, three oranges, green garlic, a butternut squash, red chard, and a large bunch of arugula. we were in san diego last week visiting family and my mother sent me home with another butternut squash, so now there is one for hannah and one for us, which means we are all lucky.

i'm pretty sure i'm getting my $17 worth each week. (plus, i just paid in advance for three months instead of paying monthly, which brings my weekly cost down to $16.50. hooray!) and this week, we did not even get lost. we had a bit of an adventure picking up our first box two weeks ago, but this week i was an old pro and got us there just fine. it even stopped raining long enough for us to get the box no problem.

as jenny mentioned a while back, one of my hopes in joining a csa is that we would be putting a bit more variety onto our dinner table. one thing we got in our last box that i never buy is a celery root (celeriac). i used it once before in a root vegetable soup. i brought it down to san diego with me and my mother, uncle, and i all sampled it raw. we jokingly called it a "celery carrot" because it tastes like celery, but has the texture of a carrot. we ended up dicing it, steaming it, and then sauteing it with other vegetables and tossing it with pasta, olive oil, and cheese. yum!

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