Wednesday, January 6, 2010

fresh from the farm

we joined a csa, and got our first box today! if you don't know already, csa stands for community-supported agriculture. we pay a fee each [week, in our case] to the farm and in return get a box of seasonal produce. the one we joined is called full belly farm, which i just love. this is what we got for our first box:

carrots, broccoli, beets, onions, celery root, and mandarins. the mandarins were THE BEST i have ever tasted. ohmyheaven they were good. yes, they are gone now. there was also a good-sized butternut squash that i forgot to put in the picture.

we have a recipe (two actually) from the farm for a couple yummy soups that use the celery root. i am looking forward to that. the beets though... i'm a bit perplexed there. good thing there are only three. i am not particularly fond of beets. i did find a recipe for roasted pesto beets, so we'll see.


Jessika said...

maybe just use the beets for dye! Yuck. I'm with you on taste.

JayBee said...

That's awesome you joined a CSA. Our winter share is done we won't get a box until spring. I'm kinda jealous that you are still able to get boxes this time of year!

You could use the beets to make baby food! Then you wouldn't even need to eat them!

Elizabeth said...

What a neat idea!!

GeoGirlPhD said...

I found you from Tabitha's "impending baby" post.

I miss my box that was delivered weekly when I lived in rural England. Beets were a common feature. I enjoyed them boiled, then cubed, mixed with some chopped green onion (or leek) and some oil/vinegar or even better, Good Seasons Cheese and Garlic dressing. Often I would toss in a cheese - soft goat crumbles or feta. Those sharp, acidic flavors really bring out the sweetness of the beets.

Or you can use them as dye!

Melody in San Antonio