Monday, July 6, 2009

not fit to be called woman

my bridesmaid shoes just arrived and i love them. LOVE. THEM. it has been so long since i treated myself to a new pair of shoes that getting these was like a hit of cocaine. or something, i don't know, i've never done a drug in my life. except that one time, in college.

i tried them on and discovered something else: that it has been so long since i've worn any kind of heel (let alone a 3-inch one) that i was wobbly and teetering. i have to re-learn how to walk in heels.

i'm sorry, ladies. i'm an embarrassment to you all.

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Sarah @ said...

Wow, have I ever been there.

In two ways:
a) I've never done drugs, which has nothing to do with being straightlaced or smart and everything to do with my parents having scared the shit out of me as a child. The first time I was offered drugs, I totally stressed out and thought I'd be arrested and started crying. Yeah. That person has basically not talked to me since.
b) My mom has this weird pet peeve where women who wobble or have strange posture in heels piss her off, so she made us practice all the time before we wore a pair of heels out and about. A couple months ago, Donald and I had a wedding to attend and my shoes had 2 inch heels. I hadn't worn any heels in ages, so I had to re-learn.

I think I did okay in the end, but was absolutely an embarrassment to womankind in the meantime =P

(And with that, I will conclude this comment as it is, sadly, pathetically, longer than your blog entry...)