Tuesday, July 14, 2009

not a professional

i try to find time most days to get some sewing done or put in some time on a project. i don't think it is a secret that i'm happiest when i have a project and i fervently believe that taking care of me means i can be a better wife and mommy. brian also seems to understand this and often lately handles TK (the kiddo) so i can sew and thereby reset myself back into my happy place.

my latest project has been alice's bridal shower gift. i finished her wedding gift a while back and then had to figure out what to do for her bridal shower. lingerie was (kind of) out as she had requested a recipe/words of wisdom shower and was kind of nervous about being embarrassed in front of some older family members. i still wanted to do lingerie though (she gave me a SCANDALOUS red nothing for my bridal shower, in front of my lutheran grandmother) and i had to find a yummy recipe. this is what i came up with:

it's a play on my dinners-in-a-bag, only this one is a "sexy breakfast." my recipe of choice was these delicious waffles, only i called them "baby give me more" waffles. i also put in a recipe for "mmm i love that" berry syrup to drizzle on top. i found a cute sort of vintage-looking bra and panties set (i love the boyshort-cut of those panties) and some inexpensive but lovely bamboo spoons. and then i made that cute vintage-y apron, hot pads (they are supposed to be heart-shaped, but my sewing turned out a bit wonky there), and matching dishtowels. high heels not included. can you see where i am going with this?

the only problem is, i love it so much. i love that black and tan floral, and i love the giant rickrack. i love half-aprons, and i love the black and tan polka dot fabric that is the tie on the apron. [secret note to kerry: i actually got it for your quilt, but then it matched perfectly with the floral so i used a little for alice. but it was yours first.] it's also the bias binding on the towels and hot pads, which i love. i found insulated cloth for the hot pads and i love that i used it. i love the color of the towels. i do not want to give this up.

incidentally (if you were wondering) this is the reason i generally do not sew for other people. friends often ask why i don't sell the things i sew, and this is why: i'm way too selfish.


Jaimey said...

I too am way to selfish of a sewer. I sew baby gifts and gifts for my children. That is it. I always fall in love with and want to keep what I make, and sometimes if i am particularly selfish I do keep it and buy them something! :)

Jessika said...

The underwear set is adorable; where did you find it?!

And wow on everything else. You are far too creative. Beautiful!

Kelly said...

this is the cutest idea ever!!! seriously.

where did you find insulated cloth? I haven't actually ever looked for it, but I need some.

eireann said...

panties set from target! of all places.

insulated cloth i got from joann's. it was in the back by the foam and battings. it's called insul-bright and it looks like very thin batting or fusible fleece, only it is crinkly because of the mylar layer in the middle.

Elizabeth said...

cute idea! It came out very nice. I'm with you, about making things for others, then wanting to keep them ;)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I'd have a hard time parting with that too!

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

Great ideas, I just love your creativity!! :)