Thursday, June 18, 2009

summer in the city

this week i am thankful for:

1. a lovely afternoon spent with my sister in the city, even though the kiddo decided to be a bit fussy. i wish we lived closer to that girl.

2. blue cheese, which i had not had in... 10 months? it was divine.

3. gorgeous weather, which makes the city even prettier. as soon as i saw the city skyline from the freeway in albany, i remembered how much i love san francisco and how much i miss living in the bay area. sf is even more fabulous on a beautiful day and today did not disappoint.


Jaimey said...

Why had you avoided Bleu cheese? soft cheese thing? cause just for the record if its pasturized my dr said its fine! (for next time...) Glad you had fun with your sis!

eireann said...

yeah, the soft cheese thing. only at my 39-week appointment did my doc tell me that it was highly unlikely that i would "kill my baby" if i had eaten soft cheese. i could have had it (in moderation) all that time! grrrrrr!

Elizabeth said...

It really was beautiful that day wasn't it. It was our 26th wedding anniversary too :)